Barbee Feel So Good and the sound…

Barbee to the world! No doll on the shelf can compare, this Feel So Good song has enough fire to consume any forest. This sensual number speaks of love at first sight, hypnosis and the feeling of having your breath sucked from your lungs with feelings of passion.  With a vintage sounding reggae beat providing the musical support, the sound is irresistible as it steals away your emotions.

The video directed by Rupert Campbell and Ras Tingle featuring dancers from Dance Expressions was awarded video of the year at the I’m A Star reggae music award show  in Connecticut USA. The song was produced by Rare Diamond Productions.

Looking at the video one can see clearly why Barbee won th award. It grabs your attention from the start and clutches it to the point where its over and you are left strangled in dreamland. This is indeed amongst the best combinations of video and song there is.

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