G whizz life (Mood Swing riddim)

Inspiration for today comes from G Whizz’s rendition of Life. “Mi life soon sawt out suh mi nuh worry” the first statement defines the direction of the song. The video is set in downtown Kingston and it portraits moments in the hustling life of a hand cart vendor as he tries to move towards improving his life. Not giving anything away I think the video has a rather interesting twist at the end.

The piece provides a powerful message for the individual both the earnest and the impatient who are sometimes tempted to gain possessions by dishonest means. It has often times been proven how itchy and anxious behaviour can sometimes lead to practices that endanger the lives and properties of other hard working individuals.

This song by G Whizz has an air that soothes the ear, a good vibe that puts him amongst the esteemed category of reggae melody makers.


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  1. this is a wonderful site i love the video. it is great to see someone concentrating of the great uplifting and/or lighter reggae songs.

    great work reggae mix!!

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