Queen Ifrica in Three

Queen Ifrica has been making great progress in the music business with some witty lyrics and a strong unique style of delivery, she’s a Lioness on the Rise. Her music brings a strong message that not only entertains but at times it challenges some of the things that we are at times tight lipped about, especially in the case of the song Daddy.

Queen Ifrica has really tried to keep away from the bad girl kind of music and has so far gone for the more thought provoking heart filling kind of work and it has really done much in adding variety to the music scene. Don’t get me wrong she has a powerful voice and can stand up on a rhythm better than most of the more prominent acts in the industry. I find that a lot of people are really drawn into her brand of entertainment because of the strong womanly character she represents.

I had to post more than one song today; her songs are so good you cannot just listen to one and go on or you’ll die of thirst. When you hear good music you have to feed your ears, so right now on the audio menu we have Lioness on the Rise, Far Away and Below the Waist, three beautifully produced videos.

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