Hustling by Busy Signal (Baddaz Riddim)

Busy Signal released hustling at about the time when the pinch of the economic collapse started to cause serious wounds. Mind you, things were not so easy before. The song takes the stance of one of the approaches that can be used to drive oneself from day to day in an effort to find better days.

The story is a true reflection of the mindset that a person needs right now to survive. You have to be thinking about how you can hustle a dollar or two, because money is an essential commodity.

The riddim MAAAD! Busy Signal was on it from the first note, with clever well organized lyrics and a solid delivery. The imagery of the song is enhanced by the stories and the situations being brought forward, for example the special big up to higglers and stall vendors who we know are out in the streets day after day trying to ensure that their families are fed.

Do not be fooled, everybody, even the so called uptown people are trying this hustling thing. So dream big and work towards your goal. Right now hustle man a hustle!

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