Richie Spice Soothing Sound and More Life

Richie Spice has always been one to put out consistently good music. Soothing Sound and More Life are nothing but that, great sounds about life and the various things that are going on. This vibe is just perfect for when you want to sit back and have a little meditation. Just nodding your head to these tunes can cause you to feel a whole lot more peaceful and re energized to take on the day. It’s just a certain feeling that is induced in your mind that makes you feel like you can really go out and conquer the day.

In Soothing Sound Richie Spice speaks directly about that energy. Just listen to the lyrics you realize that he understands this and he is using it to do the work. The song is done on the Indiscretion Riddim.

In More Life he is urging you to understand that life is what you make it, so he is inspiring you to believe in yourself and help to improve your situation and the lives of the people around. The song also stresses the importance of teaching the younger ones so that they can grow up to become the best they can be. The mood that this song creates is just captivating.

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