The life we living by Vybz Kartel

Life we living by Vybz Kartel represents a conscious appeal for a better life from a distraught citizen. It looks at the life of individuals who are barely surviving from day to day; a vulnerable group of people who face exploitation from a capitalistic society. Some are tricked by politicians who promise a better life only to win the election and then turn a blind eye on their situation.

The song also highlights the situation of parents finding it difficult to send children to school in addition to having outstanding balances on utility bills. The life we living is a very heart felt piece by Vybz Kartel which adds to his collection of songs which reflects the reality of a very significant part of the Jamaican society. Examples of other songs from Kartel in this category are Life Sweet and Selassie Love We.

The video is rather well directed as it adds to the song giving a good visual representation of the feelings being expressed in the piece. The setting was well chosen and acting was very effective. Watch it here…


  1. I can understand the what u mean. It happen all the time but you got to live through the struggles.

    keep uploading some good videos. We haffi educate d mind.

    looking for your next video.

    Thanks to all the people at reggae mix.

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